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After The Event Insurance (ATE)

Our policies provide protection to the insured and/or funder against their liability to pay the costs of a successful opponent in respect of litigation or arbitration conducted in the United Kingdom.

Cover will also include the liability for opponent’s costs incurred from applications made to the Court during the course of the claim, fought or opposed, with our prior consent.

Our policies can also include protection against the costs of  the claimant’s own expenses, such as experts’ fees or Court Fees and counsels’ fees or part of them.

We will insure risks from £100k up to £2M and can, with the agreement of our Insurers, insure risks up to £5M.

A deposit premium is required which is non-refundable. Typically, the remainder of the premium will be deferred and adjusted in steps to reflect the increase in risk as the case reaches trial.

Payment of the deferred element of the premium can be contingent on the outcome of the litigation or paid in instalments, depending upon the model offered by us and agreed with the insured, their solicitor and funder. Structuring the premiums in this way enables them to be competitive, especially in the later stages of the litigation.

Who do we insure


We insure all types of businesses in respect of the wide variety of their disputes. Many of these disputes involve a smaller business using litigation funding and insurance to take on much larger businesses who are using their financial muscle to avoid their legitimate obligations.

Insolvency Practitioners

We insure a wide range of claims on behalf of I.P.s against former directors/shareholders or against other individuals or businesses that have caused the insolvency.


We insure individuals who are high net worth individuals or who would be but for the activities of the defendant. We also provide insurance in respect of group actions.

Case Types Include

It is often surprising to encounter the diversity of the disputes we are invited to and do insure. We do not exclude any particular type of dispute from consideration simply because it does not “tick a box”.

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