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About Us

Lakehouse Risk Services Limited (“Lakehouse”) insure commercial litigation cases after the event i.e. after a dispute has arisen.

What we are

Lakehouse provides After the Event (ATE) Insurance for commercial litigation and arbitration conducted in the United Kingdom. Lakehouse ensures that obtaining ATE Insurance is swift and straightforward. Clear, easy to understand quotes and policies are provided, backed by an A+ rated Insurer. When the policy is in place, Lakehouse operates a “light touch”, letting the legal team pursue the claim. When issues arise during the life of the claim, Lakehouse has the expertise to react and help resolve the issues sensibly and commercially.

Our Philosophy

Lakehouse exists to assist parties, who have strong legal and moral claims, to achieve their deserved outcomes. We understand the funding and insurance of commercial litigation. It can involve the interaction of a large number of moving parts to ensure the litigation machine works. We promise not to be the spanner in the works. Litigation is hard enough, Lakehouse will not make it harder.


Lakehouse Legal Risk (Lakehouse) is led by Michael Lent, a solicitor with 30 years experience of commercial litigation in private practice and a decade of experience and involvement in underwriting ATE insurance and funding commercial litigation.

Michael Lent

LLB (Hons)

Michael practised for 30 years in commercial litigation before becoming an Underwriter on after the event basis of litigation insurance. His experience assists in the efficient assessment of the risks and finding practical solutions to assist claimants.

Patrick Little


Patrick has been involved in the After the Event insurance market since its earliest days. He is a well and widely respected underwriter of commercial litigation by brokers, funders, solicitors, and fellow insurers.

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The underwriting process is efficient and focuses on the key issues to provide the best insurance solution for the litigant swiftly.


Lakehouse underwrites on behalf of Axis Specialty Europe SE, part of the Axis insurance group, which is rated as A+ by both Standard & Poor’s and AM Best Rating Services.


Michael Lent, a solicitor was a commercial litigator for many years in private practice. He has spent the last decade involved in underwriting and funding commercial litigation and now leads the underwriting and policy administration for Lakehouse.