About Us

Led by Michael Lent, a solicitor with 30 years experience of commercial litigation in private practice and over 7 years experience as an underwriter

Lakehouse Risk Services Limited (“Lakehouse”) insure commercial litigation cases after the event i.e. after a dispute has arisen, in the jurisdictions of England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Cases from other jurisdictions will also be considered. The policies are underwritten in accordance with and are bound by the laws of the jurisdictions in which they apply.

Lakehouse also insure personal injury cases relating to catastrophic injury caused by clinical negligence or physical accident being pursued in England & Wales.

Lakehouse Legal Risk (Lakehouse) is led by Michael Lent, a solicitor with 30 years experience of commercial litigation in private practice and over 7 years experience as an underwriter successfully insuring commercial litigation on an after the event basis.

Lakehouse is a managing general agent and an appointed representative of Mar Risk Services Limited, a Lloyd’s of London insurance broker; registered with the Prudential Regulation Authority with reference number 772673. Lakehouse underwrite on behalf of CBL Insurance (Europe) DAC (designated activity company) whose capital base exceeds the Solvency II requirements and is the European operation of CBL Insurance Limited, an insurer with A rated capital.

Why Choose Lakehouse

Lakehouse bring a fresh approach and capacity to this sector of the ATE Insurance market.

Given that its underwriters have been involved for many years in the practice of commercial litigation, the underwriting process is efficient and focuses on the key issues to provide the best insurance solution for the litigant swiftly.

Lakehouse provides policies for commercial claims where the premium is fully deferred i.e. not paid until the litigation is settled or won, stepped, to reflect the increasing risk as the case develops and contingent, i.e. only paid if the case is successfully settled or won at trial; alternatively, policies can be written where part or all of the premium is paid at the outset of the policy. Policy deductibles or excesses are also available.

These variables enable a litigant to manage their risk of the adverse costs of litigation; to identify, select and limit the amount of risk to which they or their business is exposed when pursuing their claim.

For catastrophic personal injury claims, Lakehouse provides policies with cover and premiums that reflect the risks that claimants actually face until the defendant takes steps to put the claimant on risk in respect of adverse costs and therefore, under the QOCS regime, the claimant’s own damages. At that point, the cover is increased to the appropriate levels within pre agreed criteria.

During the course of litigation any number of unforeseen issues arise. At Lakehouse we have the experience to deal efficiently, intelligently and flexibly with those issues. We are here to help and believe that our experience can genuinely assist the litigant and their solicitor.

We do not believe in second guessing the actions of the litigant or their advisers but we do believe in providing practical support whenever we can.

Senior Management

Michael Lent

LLB (Hons)

E. ml@lakehouserisk.com

Michael practised for 30 years in commercial litigation before becoming an Underwriter on after the event basis of litigation insurance. His experience assists in the efficient assessment of the risks and finding practical solutions to assist claimants.